The 1993 Phillies/Darren Daulton

Here’s a link to an article that a friend tipped me off about:

It covers Darren Daulton’s insights into the universe, including a theory that everything revolves around the number 11, the strategic positioning of pyramids, the end of the world in 2011, etc.  Daulton makes Wade Boggs look sane.  Maybe Daulton and Carl Everett can have a symposium for crackpot theories.

The article also reveals that Daulton was a career .245 hitter.  I was shocked to hear that.  I thought he was closer to a .260 man. 

The article also reveals something about the nature of that Phillies club of 1993.  Those guys were into all kinds of stuff that nobody knew about, apparently.  This only begs the question I’ve been asking for a while now: What was the clubhouse dynamic like with that 1992 Phillies club, that featured these guys, and Good-Guy Dale Murphy.


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