Jason Marquis

The more I see of Jason Marquis, the more I like.  It seems like he’s stronger this year.  He touched 97 today; and was still bringing it at 95 in the 8th. 



  1. tradejimedmonds@yahoo.com

    I agree. But no matter how he does, he is always the one they talk of trading. If he was throwing like Looper and Izzy, they would have sent him to the minors. He is the staff fall guy. Hopefully, he will have a monster year and won’t have to put up with such talk any longer. Well said JDB. You are on point as usual.

  2. andorb@hotmail.com

    I like Marquis, though it may be because when he talks, it sounds like he could be part of the cast of My Cousin Vinnie!

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