Illinois Drivers

This isn’t about baseball, but I’m going to post it anyway.  Illinois drivers are really terrible.  I saw a CNN story a while back that said out of the midwest states, Illinois ranks the worst in terms of driver knowledge of basic driving laws. 

I work in Illinois but live in St. Louis.  I have seen people driving while: 1) doing their checkbook, 2) Reading books, 3) reading notebooks, 4) fixing their make-up, and of course, 5) talking on their cell phones.  Of course, they do it all while traveling at high velocities (or very low velocities in the cases where people are reading novels) and they are in complete ignorance of everything going on around them.  Also today, a guy came up behind me doing about 90, and he was talking on his cell phone while letting his dog wander all over in the interior of the car.  If he hadn’t have braked at the very last second, there would’ve been a colossal wreck.  I know, I know: he’s real macho with the reflexes and the multi-tasking.  He’s a regular NASCAR driver in his 1988 rusted out Buick Regal.  Recently I have read of states undertaking legislation to prohibit cell phones while driving.  I am in favor of this.  Anything to keep people safer on the roads. 

Of course this won’t get the idiots off the road.  And of course, this phenomena is local to Illinois; it’s all over.

Incidentally, why do people like NASCAR?  NASCAR stinks.  What’s so great about watching a car go around a circle several times in a row?  I get to drive everyday; it’s not a huge fantasy for me.  The problem with NASCAR is not lack upper-middle class fans (like I saw they’re trying to get into New York City), it’s lack of an interesting premise.  These guys drive cars.  I get to drive cars.  The big difference is, these guys plug things like "Skoal" which makes me think "maybe this is the type of thing that won’t go over in New York City."  NASCAR is what it is: a sport for rednecks to drink beer to on a Saturday afternoon.  Don’t try to change it; it’s just not very interesting.




    I think there are two big things I hate about driving in Illinois: 1) Drivers passing in the right lane instead of the left, and 2) the highway entrance ramps. They’re basically free-for-alls that just jams you in to traffic without any length of on-ramp.

    And I thik that deep down, people only watch NASCAR for the wrecks. A “real” fan will say that’s not true, but we all know it is.

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