Much has been said about the upward trend in home runs.  How about some of the amazing defense?  The best three plays I’ve seen so far this season are:

3) Scott Rolen dives to his right and throws a guy out from his knees.

2) Dontrelle Willis’ quick-reaction on the mound.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line drive hit that hard.

1) Tadahito Iguchi making a throw while parallel to the ground.  He didn’t even start the throw until he was already airborne.  This is unreal.


How’s that Atlanta staff faring under Roger McDowell?  Not too good, from some of the things I’ve seen.  What, John Smoltz is the only starter with a win? 


In my softball league, I have an OBP of 1.875.  A batting eye is a batting eye, righit?  So why hasn’t Billy Beane called yet?  Is it the fact that I’m within the weight standards for my height? 


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