Final Post

My workload for graduate school has ramped up significantly, so I will be unable to continue writing this blog. Obviously, graduate school is much more important than keeping this material fresh. Something else finally occured to me: nobody cares what I have to say! Therefore, this is my final post. Tell them I’m through, for love of The Game.
Here are some final observations:
1) There are a lot of old-timers who now have sons in the majors. Jesse Barfield, Cecil Fielder and Tony Pena all have kids now in baseball. I’ll bet they’ve all grown up with some great stories. I can’t wait for Wade Boggs Jr. to join the majors. Maybe he’ll eat a whole turkey before each game.
2) Jeff Suppan looks better tonight than he has. This is what happens every year: he comes to camp overweight, and within a few weeks after the season’s started, he begins to pan out. I used to think that he was more worried about the post-game spread than the runner at third.
3) I never did figure out what was going on in the clubhouse of that 1992 Philadelphia Phillies team. It’s a shame.
4) Joe Randa is batting, what, .240? It looks like America’s love affair with Joe Randa is finally starting to end.
5) Jim Edmonds is hitting something like .180 with a .890 fielding percentage. Is there any question that this guy isn’t a $10 million a year guy anymore?
6) I saw last Sunday on ESPN that the Braves called a heralded product of their system up who contributed immediately. No surprise there.
7) I saw Reggie Jackson in “The Benchwarmers” a few weeks back. I also heard that guy plug some hitting system before an interview he had on ESPN the Radio. Is there anything that guy won’t do for a buck?
8) The Chicago White Sox have put it together, after a slow start. No surprise there, either.
9) The Cardinals new ballpark features $8 beer and $5 hot dogs. If ownership could figure out a way to turn install toilets that cost fifty cents a flush, they would.
10) Incidentally, have you ever noticed how chummy all of the ownership groups are? Do you know why? It’s because they all participate in a “cartel,” or, an organization that keeps prices artificially high so that all the members of the group can benefit. If it were a truly competitive business, Cardinals ownership wouldn’t be chummy with the Reds ownership, and nobody would hang out in each other’s luxury boxes. This is one area that I actually respect Billy Beane for–he seems like a truly competitive guy.
11) Speaking of Billy Beane, did I change any attitudes on Billy or moneyball? At least we all got some laughs, right? As it turns out, one of the professors at my new school is a huge Bill James fan. It took quite an effort to keep from taking some shots at him and Rob Neyer when I met them all a few weeks back.
12) Did anybody ever figure out my Mike Laga mystery?
13) The Cardinals defense ***** this year.
14) Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball. I get to watch him regularly and I’ve seen many a time how he’s single-handedly changed the course of a game. Alex Rodriguez, on the other hand, will only perform for a team that’s got a fair chance of winning already so that, you know, he’s not accountable for anything.
15) I was reading the other day that MLB is trying to squeeze money out of fantasy leagues. I’m not a fantasy guy, to be sure, but I think that it’s a shame that baseball is now trying to tax fans for being fans. Of course, this can only be bad for mlb: fantasy leagues aren’t crucial to anybody, and baseball’s reputation of being a short-sighted organization will only be compounded if they proceed with this fiasco. Maybe Selig can give Donald Fehr a call to see if they can cancel the World’s Series, while they’re at it.
16) Can there be any doubt, that the outcome of the Bonds mess can only be bad? Bonds is effectively finished as a productive major leaguer. I’m not crying for him.
17) Does anybody know how many donuts Mike Lavalliere ate over the 1987 season? I have a good bet that it’s 1,944: one dozen for every game played.
18) Thanks to people who posted comments and regularly read the blog, notably a few close friends and Reid at Reid even linked to this blog from his blog. I would’ve linked to some of my favorite blogs, but there are only a handful that I checked regularly (Reid’s among them).



  1. Reid

    I’m sad to see you go man. But obviously, I can understand the workload issue, being in the same boat and all. As for Suppan, do you mean the runner on 3rd, or being the runner on third? A la, Game 4 of the 2004 World Series. In #10, are you suggesting collusion? You know, there’s an anti-trust law for that! For #14, duh. Pujols is a monster. He’s good, and he’s likeable. Thats probably the only reason why he, (12HR,) gets pitched to while Bonds, (1HR) does not. About #15:
    It’s back to the whole licensing thing again. The same reason why EA’s MVP Baseball Franchise had to end, (which I weep for.) The MLBPA sold the rights exclusively to our very own MLBAM (Advanced Media,) and they’re unwilling to sell them at the same price to anyone, and now they’re starting to go after online fantasy leagues, saying they don’t have the right to use the names. Note that MLBAM (Basically MLB) is doing this, not MLBPA.

    As for #18 – Thanks a lot man, it means a bunch. Your blog is on my Live Bookmarks and I never miss a post. I hope that you can continue to check me out, even if you’re an empty over here.

    Looks like that’s all for now. Of course, I’d be delighted if you made a return sometime, ever. Good luck in your studies.



    Say it ain’t so, yo! Say it ain’t so!

    If you don’t blog, I won’t be able to tell you any of the things that I would invetibly forget to tell you should I have to wait to see you in person on any of the many times I see you in person over the course of a week. You were a beacon of light in the darkness that is cyberspace. You will be missed. I only hope that during your studies you will find time to recommence with you true calling — MLB Watchdog. On a day when Izzy’s cutter cut right into the middle of the strikezone only to be sent over the wall by Jose Hernandez, I turned to you for a harsh word. I received a harsh word indeed. But not what I had expected. I leave you with final “Well said, ‘ol sport.” I only hope to hear from you in the future.

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